Super Stock – Super Prices

a garden centre that is well stocked

We know you want to see great products, great plants, great colour and blooms. Garden Centre good quality stock and immediate availabilty is really important to you too – and us!

One of Whilton Stocks… sorry… Locks main appeals is that we are independent. This independence means we can choose our own products, often getting them earlier.

a well stocked garden centre

We can ensure the best quality, maintain excellent stock levels and this often results in our ranges being bigger (offering more choice for you too) and our prices lower!

Recently, our buyers at Whilton Locks headed out to look at prices at a couple of ‘chain’ garden centres. In comparing the ‘best sellers’ like herbs, strawberries, multipurpose compost, bedding plants and alpines we were consistently better value. Bigger ticket items, such as garden furniture, we were remarkably cheaper and we offered better quality, better delivery options (most immediate and in stock) and again a far better range.

This is all great news, knowing you are getting the best deals at Whilton Locks. Blooming marvellous you could say and if you take a look at our outside displays* you will agree the colour, choice and quality IS blooming marvellous too.

Free parking, huge choice, great stock availability and so mulch more.

See you soon.

*All photos taken at WLGV this week. (First week of April, 2024)

a garden centre that is well stocked