Tool Range

We offer a vast range of tools for all of your gardening needs, we supply with Kent & Stowe, Wolf Garten, Wilkinson Sword and have products from other suppliers too.

Wolf Garten

With the WOLF-Garten multi-change system there is a handle and tool head to suit all your needs. A gardening tool solution that you can rely on, with the exception of saws – every tool fits every handle.

Lightweight & interchangeable system

Pick a handle to suit your height and weight requirements and then select from over 60 heads with confidence.

Tool heads simply click into the end of your chosen handle, very easy to assemble. There are over 15 handles to choose from – varying in length, style, weight and materials.

Innovative & versatile

There is a handle and head combo for all gardening requirements. Be that a a rake for lawn care or a hoe for soil cultivation. Couple a long 4m handle with a saw for effortless pruning and tree care.

Key Benefits of the MultiChange System

Simplicity – it’s a quick and easy change of devices which “click” in and out.
Range – a huge number of combinations can be created with over 15 handles and 60 heads. Comfort – Choose the handle that suits you best, a lightweight aluminium or more robust wooden option.
Ergonomics – a long handle can save you hours of back breaking work on your knees. Safety – Use a telescopic handle to work at heights (even without a ladder).
Robustness – Handle that can handle even the most extreme working conditions and heavy soil (these German engineered tools are developed for rigorous use). The special coating makes them very durable and resistant harsh weather.

Kent & Stowe

Kent & Stowe tools have been expertly designed with the gardener in mind. Made using traditional designs with modern manufacturing techniques, they are built to last and come with full guarantees. So what makes Kent & Stowe extraordinary?

The Kent and Stowe range includes digging, cultivating and hand tools as well as tidying made from high quality stainless or carbon steel. We have a wide range cutting tools available made from strong carbon steel, with a full range of indoor and outdoor watering cans and gardening gloves which complement the tools perfectly. The Kent & Stowe collection is something you’ll want to adorn your tool shed and treasure for years to come!

Wilkinson Sword

Reflecting 100 years of cutting excellence, the Wilkinson Sword gardening tools collection comprises highly engineered quality products, including pruners, shears, loppers, stainless steel garden tools as well as a range of axes and multi-tools. Every product in the range is put through rigorous quality tests to ensure the high quality design, durability and strength that you would expect from this trusted brand. We are so confident about the quality of our range that every product comes with the reassuring stamp of a 10 year guarantee.


If you would like anymore information regarding our tool department please contact us at 01327 843100