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a garden centre that is well stocked

A Well Stocked Garden Centre

We know you want to see great products, great plants, great colour and blooms. Garden Centre good quality stock and immediate availabilty is really important to you too – and us!
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Hey Good Lookin’ – Whatcha Got Cookin’?
June 3rd – June 9th is National BBQ Week. It’s funny, these days there seems to be an event, or special occasion for everything but this one, we think, is particularly tasty and we are mmmmmore than happy to celebrate better BBQ and gastro-grilling!

Due to the Covid lockdowns and the cost of living crisis, BBQ and at home, alfresco eating is now the number 1 summer leisure activity, with three out of four households now owning some sort of BBQ grill.

There are just two key factors to a brilliant BBQ.
1. Quality ingredients for food. Gone are the times of the humble burger, a properly made and grilled burger, with the proper add-ons is hard to beat – and fantastic to eat! With sizzling sausages such a familiar favourite and fish, ribs, chops and even aubergines or stuffed peppers, proving perfect.

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2. A great quality BBQ/Grill.
Here at Whilton Locks, once again, our range has been specifically hand-picked for quality, durability, price – and cooking results. Of course, you can pop into your local high street chain and buy a budget BBQ that will last a couple of burns – and likely to have poor results. Our barbies will last and, coupled with point one, will ensure food is served with rapturous applause. Take a bow garden chef.

So once you have the smell of the smoke and the glow of a fire, you’ll need some suitable skewers, smashing spatulas and terrific tongs – we have that too with top notch kit to crown you the Greatest of the Grill!

Summer has started, it’s time to get out in the garden – and light up that BBQ, PDQ!