Meet the Animals – This Weekend

meet the animals

This Saturday, 10th February.
Pancake Day? No.
Valentine’s Day? No.
Mother’s Day? No (but don’t forget*)

It’s Meet the Animals Day.
What’s Meet the Animals Day? We hear you shout and to be fair, we do raise our eyes to the sky. It’s a day where you can meet the animals, here at Whilton Locks Meet The Animals Garden Village.

Scaly? Yes.
Just for kids? No it’s fun for all the…
Family? Yes.
Furry? Yes.
Friendly? Of course.
Funny? Yes, it can be.
Fabulous? Definitely.
Friday? No. Saturday.
Funky? Err, are you just using words beginning with F?
Fiddlesticks! No problem.
Dodo? Er no – ok not a Dodo. But we do do have a link to to book now:

This Saturday, Meet the Animals.
A day to meet the animals. Book now!


…and we said don’t forget. Mothers Day*:
Mums the word.