Hanging Baskets The Easy Way

easy baskets hanging baskets

Easy Baskets – The easy way to plant a basket or container.

Many customers have been asking when our first delivery of Easy Baskets are due. They are also referred to as Pop Easy Baskets. They are due in today (YAY!) and demand is bigger than ever. (YAY again!)

This is because many customers buy Pop Easy Baskets every year as the results are so, so good. If you’re looking for beautiful summer hanging baskets then this is the perfect product for you. The hanging basket planter are little miracles of magic – a pre-grown ‘insert’ with a choice of 15 different designer themes to suit every taste or colour way.

From Bridal Bouquet (one of our best sellers, and shown on the left of the main pic, with its starting point look) to bold colours of Bollywood, Berry Swirl and Heatwave. Easy Baskets POP and are so simple, look, there are just four easy steps:

1. Shop
Come to Whilton Locks Garden Village and pick your pre planted insert. There are 15 to choose from.
Check out our choice of baskets and containers and grab a bag of multipurpose compost.

2. Pop
At home, fill a hanging basket, or container with the compost leaving a 5cm or 2″ gap at the top. Pop your pre planted insert in.

3. Easy
Water well… and watch.
The plants are fully charged with feed and in a few weeks your little Pop plants will burst into colour. Your Pop plants will be WOW!

4. Peasy
Be amazed. Whilton Locks Pop Easy Baskets flower all summer and are so easy peasy to do. Done in just four simple steps (or five if you stop for a slice of cake in our Canalside restaurant). Blooming marvellous – blooming easy – and available right now.

Pop on over soon.