Superhero Staff Wanted

Employment Northamptonshire

Superhero Staff wanted!
Cape optional.

In a world full of thirst and hunger one person stood out. Could it be you?
Smiley – check. Friendly – check. Gingham style tablecloth – check.
Canalside is a restaurant like no other. It has super guests and needs someone with super skills too.
Could it be you?

Being a superhero at WLGV is full-time job and will involve weekends. When hunger strikes can you step up with a plate?
Do you know your way around a coffee machine?
(If you are awesome instead, we can teach you).
Do you know how to cut a cake?
(If you are incredible instead, we can train you).
Do you know how to ensure customers have a great time?
(If you are fantastic instead, we can train you).
If you have the powers – we have got the hours!

If you think you could save the world or perhaps just the grater good, then apply now. Just remember not all heroes, where crepes?

Is this you? Super for a school leaver? Great for a granny. Brilliant for cousin Bob?
If you are a superhero, a superman or a wonderwoman the world* needs you!

We are an Equal Opportunities employer although Supervillains need not apply.

*Well Canalside. Apply Now!

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Employment Northamptonshire