Cat Microchipping

cat microchipping northamptonshire

Important Update: All cats in England must now be microchipped and registered on a database under new laws introduced this week.

The new legislation applies to all cats aged 20 weeks and older, including indoor cats. Pet owners found breaking the rules face a £500 fine if they do not comply within 21 days. That’s true pussycat! Woah, woah.

Thankfully, Brunos, at Whilton Locks Garden Village, offer microchipping for your cat, for just £12. Ensure yours, your friends and family cats are covered. Pre-booking is advised, phone now: 01327 842727 and pop in with puss.

You and your pussycat eyes! You and your pussycat nose! You and your pussycat finances! Sorted!

Thank you
Whilton Licks Garden Village