A Right Royal Invitation

To celebrate the Platinum Jubilee one is royally invited to Whilton Locks Garden Village to enjoy the delightful displays, the creative colour and fabulous food – truly fit for a Queen.

One’s displays are looking rather marvellous. Now is a venerable time to add colour to your grounds ready for family gatherings, summer parties or even royal visitors!
Our biggest ever bedding plant range is now available too and, as the weather is looking rather glorious, it is noble to enjoy your outside space – and soak up your vitamin G. That’s G for garden.

One has esteemed deals on furniture (which we can deliver in time for garden parties) now on. We have dignified deals on barks and composts (and, if you do not have a footman, we’ll even help load your car, or carriage!)

There are gifts galore (lovely jubbly – sorry jubilee), everything for your pets oh, and food, fabulous food. In addition to our dignified all-day breakfasts, majestic meals, stately snacks and crowning-glory cakes we have one’s extra special, er, specials…

Queens’ Jubilee Specials Menu

Children’s Royal-Tea (up to 8 years) £4.99
Sandringham Sandwich selection:
1x Ham Sandwich and 2x Jam Sandwiches
Jubilee Cupcake
Carrot Batons
Celebration Sweets and Cup of Squash.

Adults Royal-Tea £12.50
Sandringham Sandwich selection:
1x Ham Sandwich, 1 Egg Sandwich, 1 Tuna and 1x Cheese Sandwich
Queen Liz Sponge Cake
Queen Crown Scone with Ramekins of Jam and Cornish Clotted Cream
Jubilee Jelly
Jubilee Cupcake
Tea or Coffee included.

Jubilee Sundae £4.99
2 Scoops of Vanilla Ice Cream with Red and Blue Sauce, Cream and Red, White and Blue Toppings with a Wafer.

Afternoon Tea at Barkingham Palace £10.00
Bring your very own Corgi’s – or other breed of dog – to enjoy a marvellous mutt meaty meal, which includes:
Meaty Sausage, a Selection of Natural Treats, Liver Cupcake and Carrot Woofin.

The specials menu will be running from 27th May to 6th June.
No Pre-Buckingham required!

Windsor a Prize!
Here’s your chance for your little princes and princesses to bag your royal family a prize, with a choice of two creative competitions.
Using red, white and blue – plus any other appropriate colours – print off the Crown or Corgi and colour them in – and bring them along to WLGV.
(Don’t forget to include your name, name of the child, the child’s age and your email address) and pop them in the Jubilee Post Box to enter.

The best Crown and the best Corgi will win a family of four ticket to one of our Animal Cuddle Sessions.
Good Luck!

See one soon
Whilton Locks Garden Village