Whilton World Cup – The Final

All the other teams have been brushed aside and just two remain to determine who is the very best. Only you can decide which one – it’s a kind-of #worldcup meets #xfactor meet #loveisland – ok maybe not, but it has kept us all entertained (no, go on it has!) over the last month whilst the footie was on.

It’s the big final, a tough match, a tough call – which one will you vote for?

Santa’s Grotto v Cuddle Days

If you haven’t joined in yet, well I despair?
You’ve missed the WLGV World Cup with a host of ‘teams’ taking part to decide which is the best.
Two ‘teams’ have been posted to Facebook during the actual world cup matches and you had to pick your favourite with a comment on the post.
Your last chance is the final, like now – unless you are reading this after the #worldcup has finished. The vote will be open for 90 minutes and the winner will be decided with the most comments during that time. It’s your very last chance to vote and to determine the tournament winner. So Santa’s Grotto or Cuddle Days – which one will you pick?

So who won?

Santa’s Grotto is our winner – that means everyone that voted for him WILL be off the naughty list, no matter what they do between now and Christmas!!! Congratulations to Santa, talking of which, let’s start planning some festive events!
It’s just 22 weeks! #161sleepstochristmas Ho Ho Ho! Whilton Locks Garden Village