Whilton Rocks!


A popular craze at the moment is painted rocks. Stones, rocks or pebbles are painted with patterns or pictures and have special messages or #hashtags then they are hidden so others can find them. Once found, they are photographed and added to social media and hidden again for someone else to find. It’s great for all ages – are you doing it?

whiltonrocksIf you are a painter or a searcher, we want to see your painted rocks and we need your help in finding ours we have hidden on site. Each hidden Whilton Locks Garden Village rock has a special secret message with instructions and even prizes – come and see if you can find them.

We’ll be running #WhiltonRocks from now all through the school holidays – come and hide your rocks here – and see which rocks you can find.

#Whiltonrocks #Northamptonrocks
#daventryrocks #islastones