Resolva Xpress Weedkiller Ready to Use – 3L



Resolva Xpress Weedkiller Ready to Use controls a range of annual and perennial broad-leaved weeds as well as grasses with visible results in just hours. Additionally, the formula does not contain glyphosate, because it is harmful to bees. Within hours, the non-selective formula kills by contact action only and breaks down naturally by organisms and microbes in the soil. By killing on contact, it therefore acts by desiccation of target weed.

  • Fast-acting with visible results in 24 hours
  • Non-glyphosate
  • Non-hazardous to bees
  • Ready to use formula for quick and easy application

Why Use

Weeds can be a problem around the garden especially if you let them grow. They will compete for the same space and nutrients as your plants and if left untreated they will create seedlings and spread further.

Resolva Xpress Weedkiller starts killing weeds immediately with results visible within hours and is effective on a wide spectrum of weeds and is non-hazardous to bees.

The range is available in several sizes and formats to meet the needs of different garden sizes and level of infestation.

glysophate free

We have created a Glyphosate free formula for gardeners looking for a greener more natural approach to controlling their garden weeds but still want results.

What to Expect

before and after

After spraying, you will see visible results within hours. The symptoms can be: wilting, leaf browning, desiccation or discolouration.

Retreat if necessary and avoid contact with plants you want to keep.

Re-planting and sowing can be undertaken 3 days after application.

Resolva 24H lifestyle

Resolva Xpress Weedkiller contains Pelargonic Acid. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.