Walk more into the store you will find over 60 aquariums housing a variety of:
•    Cold water fish; Fantails, Goldfish, and other fantastic “first” time fish
•    Temperate fish; Weather Loach, Danios, Minnows
•    Tropical fish; Livebearers, Tetra’s, Cichlids, Rainbows, Sharks, Barbs and more
•    Axolotls, Turtles/Terrapins, Crabs and Frogs
•    Live Plants

In the summer time (March till October) we house vats of outdoor pond fish: Goldfish, Shubumkins, Comets, Koi Carp (British bred, Israeli, ghost, butterfly etc.) Orfe and more
Pond Plants; oxygenators, Lillie’s and Floating plants.

Brunos Aquatics – the best aquatics centre in Northampton have a 15,000 litre pond with some large beautiful koi, you can purchase a cup of food and feed them, and they may even eat out of your hand!

We have a range of filters, medias, medicines, foods, pumps, (for indoor and outdoor fish) different sized aquariums, preformed ponds, on the roll liner, pond hose, UV bulbs and so much more.

We are a stockist of Tetra, Hozelock, Fluval, API, Laguna, Superfish, Juwel and more, our friendly staff are always happy to help, if you are just starting out or have been keeping fish for years.

It’s not our job it’s our Hobby
We would love for you to show us photos of your aquariums and ponds, please feel free to email them to us, or even bring them into the store, we would love to build a customer photo wall, to give other people inspiration.

Call for more information: 01327 842 727