World Cup – Semi Finals

We are down to just four teams in the WLGV World Cup.
Semi Final 1

Garden Furniture v Cuddle Days

With three wins out of three in the group stage Garden Furniture really are sitting pretty – winning against The Garden in the quarter final and Sundae Best in the last 16.
WLGV won’t be beaten on price for all Garden Furniture, they are internet checked, we deliver all round the country thanks to our amazing prices.
With great names such as Hartman, Alexander Rose, Fallen Fruits, WeatherReady – will the opposition be ready for this strong team?
With a number of different formations available for the manager including rattan, aluminium and hard wood. WLGV garden furniture always puts on a great display because they are in store, on display now!

Unbeaten Cuddle Days were Group C winners and they are still flying high, seeing off the mighty Full English Breakfast in the quarter final and Flowers in the last 16.
Cuddle Days are extremely popular and are well supported throughout the Whilton (Locks Garden Village) World Cup – who can resist a fab furry – or perhaps something scaly or slimy? Cuddle Days are available throughout the year and are bookable online. Our Cuddle Days have had a lot of testimonials – if you’ve been to a recent Cuddle Day why not give them your support too?

Who gets your vote here? Tough one, hey? The winner goes through to the final. Vote NOW either #furniture or #cuddle

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Semi Final 2
Come on England! (Ahem!)
Whilst the game is on we have our remaining semi-final too. Who will meet Cuddle Days in the WLGV final on Sunday?
A huge match here, both are strong teams who really need your votes to decide which one is best.

Santa’s Grotto
Playing slightly out of position (it is the middle of Summer!) the heat may effect Santa’s Grotto’s chances – but cast your mind back to how great it was as the focal point for our Winter Wonderland. Good support for Santa’s Grotto might help later in the year as Santa will return for Christmas. Santa was the clear winner of Group D and has won every game played so far. Can this fantastic run take Santa’s Grotto through to the final?

Afternoon Tea
Our Afternoon Tea has proved very popular at WLGV due to the excellent value for money and the standard of delicious cakes and sandwiches. With a brand new venue of The Potting Shed now available for Afternoon Tea it is a very strong line up. Group H winners and unbeaten in the tournament can Afternoon Tea get your vote?

The winner goes through to the final.

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