Whilton World Cup – Round 2

As with the FIFA World Cup 2018 the (arguably more exciting!) Whilton LGV World Cup has now concluded round 2. Everyone has played two matches and there is still everything to play for with only two teams (Compost and Pet Toys) unable to qualify for the knockout stages.
Whilton World Cup

If you haven’t voted yet – and wonder what the heck we are going on about – we are putting together two ‘teams’ and you can vote for your favourite which appear during the actual world cup games. #WhiltonLocksGardenVillage #Eng Unofficial: England Football Team #ENGvPAN #ENG6

Qualified already:
Welcome to Whilton (Group A)
Events (Group B)
The Potting Shed (Group C)
Santa’s Grotto (Group D)
Garden Furniture (Group E)