To InfiniTEA & Beyond!

Celebrate the release of the brand new film Toy Story 4 with an out of this world Toy Story themed Afternoon Tea at Whilton Locks Garden Village.
Settle down and enjoy the scrumptious show with this stellar line up:

Hamm sandwiches x2
slinky sausage roll (half)
Pizza Planet slice
Green alien Jelly
Bullseye’s cheese puffs
Forky cupcake
Lotso scone

cloud sandwiches: cheese, ham, jam
snake in my boots
Buzz lasers
Bullseye’s cheese puffs
decorate your own potato head cupcake
cotton clouds

OJ Jessie
Buzz blackcurrant
Woody water
R.C.’s capachino
Lightyear latte
Wheeze’s white coffee
Sid’s black coffee

£15 per adult • £10 per child

Book online now here:, phone 01327 843 100 or call in store