Setting up an Aquarium

You should never buy your fish and aquarium at the same time
What you will need

  1. Aquarium- we have a wide range of fish tanks in stock, both glass and acrylic, from 10 litres to 200+ litres.
  2. Aquarium gravel- we have all sorts of colours and sizes in stock. Always make sure you wash your gravel (with water only) until the water runs clear, before you put it in to the aquarium as it will be dusty.
  3. Aquarium Filter- most of our aquarium set ups come with a filter, but we can advise you on a filter if you already have an aquarium. Goldfish can live in a tank without a filter, but we strongly recommend using a filter as the water quality will be better for the fish. Remember to change your filter media (sponges, carbon etc.) regularly most manufacturers will recommend changing them about every 3 months but refer to the packaging/ instructions for more details.
  4. Aquarium Heater- we can advise you on what wattage heater to buy for your aquarium, depending on the size aquarium you have. Most heaters come with a built in thermostat, so they will switch off when they get to the required temperature. The ideal aquarium temperature is 25/26C but different fish do require different temperatures so depending on what fish you a going to buy, will determine the temperature you will require.
  5. Décor- it is best to only buy ornaments designed for an aquarium, some paints/ acrylics could be very toxic to fish, be sure to give them a rinse before you place them into the tank to get rid of any dust.
  6. Water Treatments- de chlorinator, this will neutralise all the harmful chemicals (chlorine and chloramines) and metals that are in tap water making it safe for fish, you will also need to use this when topping up your aquarium. We have a selection in store and can advise you on the amount needed for your tank.
  7. Live Bacteria- this will help to start the biological filtration, the bacteria needed to keep ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels to a minimum, keeping your fish healthy.

The set up
When you get your aquarium home, put your aquarium into position (avoid heat sources such as radiators; windows and electrical appliances such as a T.V or stereo).
Once your gravel is washed place it in the bottom of your aquarium and gently even out, be careful not to scratch the aquarium, especially if you have bought an acrylic aquarium.
Time to start filling your aquarium, depending on the size that you bought, you can use a hosepipe, bucket (that hasn’t had any detergents used in) or a jug. When the aquarium is half full, this will be a good time to add your décor if you didn’t do it when it was empty.

Tip- Place a plate at the bottom of the aquarium and pour the water on to the plate to keep disturbance of the gravel to a minimum.

When you have filled your aquarium you can add the required amount of de chlorinator and live bacteria (depending on the size of the aquarium you have) refer to the manufacturers guide on how much to use.

Put your filter into place, give the media and the filter a rinse before you place it in to the aquarium, plug in and leave the aquarium to start the cycle.

Place your heater, the best position in near the filter so the flow move the heat around the aquarium.

Leave the aquarium to cycle for a few days before adding your fish, we recommend 5-7 days before adding fish.

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