Vitax Scent Off Granules 600g

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Stop the local cats and dogs (or your own) fouling on your vegetable patch or favourite area of the garden. These Scent Off Granules work to train cats and dogs to ‘go elsewhere’. All you have to do is scatter the granules across areas where you don’t want your pet to foul.

Preparation & Usage

On newly dug ground and when toilet training, scatter the product directly from the pack at a rate of 30g/m2. Renew the application every 5-7 days while toilet training. Where fouling has recurred, remove the evidence by hosing down or other means. A weak detergent solution will help break down remaining animal smells.

Safety Warning

Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wash hands thoroughly after handling. Do not eat, drink or smoke when using this product. Store in a cool, dry atmosphere, in original labelled containers.

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