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Chimeneas for sale in a variety of different colours and unique patterns to suit your gardens design. Ranging from blues to reds to yellows there’s no doubt one will fit perfectly in your garden today.




The fire in a clay chimenea needs to be built on a bed of sand so the fire doesn’t actually come into contact with the clay. Not doing so may cause cracks in a clay chimenea. Children’s play sand will work well.




Start with a small fire with a few pieces of wood (on top of the sand) to season your chimenea. Do this several times before trying a larger fire. Never use firelighters or other accelerants to get your fire going because it may damage your chimenea permanently.




Use small logs for your fires. If the flame comes out of the chimney, it is probably too big. In which case, don’t add any more fuel. If you want to regulate the fire after it’s been lit, you can use the lid to control the amount of air going up the chimney. Do be very careful not to touch the exterior of the chimenea as they get very hot and can burn you. It’s best to use long heat proof gloves.




Always let the fire die out in your chimenea. Never use water or any other coolant