Did You Knows from Brunos

What if Edvard Munch was really trying to paint a dog with long ears, but he wasn’t a good painter and people got all excited about it, so he just went along with it? It’s funny isn’t it, if you look at things a little differently.

brunos pet shop
I’ve always wondered, for example, why some of the high street chain stores can be so confusing. Boots, for instance, don’t sell boots, Currys don’t sell curry and do Selfridges actually sell fridges?

The Apple store doesn’t sell fruit and I remember, several years ago, popping into Woolworths to get a valuation on some yarn, but to no avail. I was very confused heading inside Go Outdoors, security escorted me away my local supermarket after I asked where the Sainsberries were. I got kicked out of Superdrug and Screwfix, pretty quick too!

Shop Savvy
Here at Whilton Locks Garden Village did you know we have a rather splendid pet store, called Brunos? We cater for all pets and not just those called Bruno (biguns and Lidl ones).
In fact we sell more millet than Milletts and everything for your pets Habitat (or Oasis).

Bruno’s, quite simply, is a Top Shop. There is so Munch to see! It is so well stocked and caters for all your furry, feathery and favourite friends. That Asda be great for everyone!

In fact you’ll notice our pet prices are pretty good too and they won’t make you scream!

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