A Wonderful Place to Visit

Suddenly, Mr Benn was no longer in the dressing room of the fancy dress shop but somewhere completely new.
Mr Benn tribute
This wonderful place was so bright and full of colour. The vibrant, different shades reminded Mr Benn of his friend Elmer the Elephant and it brought a smile to his face. There were flowers and shrubs, garden furniture and statues, delicious cakes in a canal side restaurant – and even things for pets. The staff were all lovely too. It was really marvellous.

So whether you are a red knight, hunter, clown, balloonist, wizard, spaceman, cook, caveman, zoo keeper, frogman, cowboy, Aladdin, pirate, gladiator or whatever else you can possibly imagine to be, we’d love to welcome you to our Garden Centre, just off the A5 on the Northamptonshire/Warwickshire border.

A tribute to David McKee, creator of Mr Benn (and Elmer) who has passed away and brought so much joy to so many children (and adults), throughout the world.

Mr Benn