Huge Thank You

We had to share this from Lisa Beech.

Hi, I would like to send you a huge big thank you!

I came to one of your Cuddle Sessions in October half term with my 2 girls, my eldest is disabled and in a wheelchair/special buggy. There was easy access into the room and all your staff were brilliant and made sure that Isla got to spend as much time as the other kids with each of the animals. Both girls loved the session.

Then on Saturday 1 Dec we came to your 3pm Elsa and Anna tea party with our friends. I meant to ring the whole week before but only managed it the day before coming to check that there would be wheelchair access for my daughter and that we’d be sitting with our friends. I also wanted to check what food you’d be serving so that I could bring a dairy free similar option for my eldest daughter. No problem there though, because just the day before you said you’d take the butter out of her sandwiches and make sure she had a dairy free cake! Wow, seriously impressed. Then when we arrived for the event, a lady (sorry I can’t remember your name) checked with us before we went in that everything was ok with the cake. We went in first so we could get Isla’s buggy in position. Then for the photo opportunity you made sure I could get Isla’s buggy through so she didn’t miss out! Wow, thank you so much. We all had a fabulous time and it was so lovely to have so much care, thought and attention to make sure everything ran smoothly and everyone could join in.

I also brought my youngest daughter ice skating for her very first time last Wednesday. She loved it. The chap was brilliant and made sure we were ok with the penguin. We’re hoping to come back with friends between Christmas and New Year.

Thank you again, it’s so wonderful to have a local venue with events and even more so that is happy to include children with special needs and disabilities. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Happy Christmas to you all !!

Lisa Beech